Do you know what you want?

It may seem obvious, but few people have really analysed their own skills and talents and identified what type of role, company, environment would be the best match for them.  Whilst the question seems simple, getting to the answer is often much more challenging than it may first appear!  This page is designed to give you some tools to help you to find a job that will give you satisfaction, allow you to grow and create a stepping stone to where you want to go next.

A good place to start is to look at your strong points – be specific and detailed:

  • What do you think you are good at? 
  • What activities do you enjoy most – both in and out of work?  Whilst your leisure interests may not appear to be relevant in your working life, think in terms of the skills you use to carry these out – how could they transfer into a working environment?
  • What have you excelled at in the past?  What skills have you used effectively in previous roles, but may not have used for a while?
  • What have people told you that you are good at?

Now consider the things you dislike, don’t feel you have an aptitude for and might describe as your weak points?

  • Which of these are critical to your success in the role you aim to obtain?
  • How much effort are you prepared to put in to improve these areas?
  • Could they be delegated to someone with a greater skill level in this area without detriment to your performance?

Weaknesses do not necessarily have to be overcome.  You can choose a role where they are irrelevant or work with someone who has a corresponding strength. 

Sometimes you will have to make an effort to attain a reasonable level of skill in order to pursue the career path you want to have.  If you choose a role that requires a high level of competence in several of your weaker areas and does not utilise many of your strengths, you might need to consider whether some re-evaluating is required!

Make sure your CV and any application forms encapsulate all your key strengths, your skills and qualifications, and your natural abilities. Give a potential employer a fully rounded snapshot of yourself.

Consider the industries or functional areas in which you would like to work and then it’s time to start your search.